Launch Party!!! 

Even though Stéphane slipped on the ice and broke his ankle, requiring surgery 4 days before the show, we were able to pul it off! Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a full house (at half capacity) on a Sunday night in a pandemic. Our hearts are filled with gratitude! Looking forward to more shows in the new year!


Welcome to the project Daniel! 

Its my pleasure to announce another addition to the project. I've looked up to Daniel my whole life, even after I grew taller than him. Daniel P-H is a gifted multi-instrumentalist with tonnes of experience in various aspects of the music industry and the arts in general. My brother Dan and I grew up learning, listening to, and playing music together, but it has been some time since we've joined forces on a project so I am very excited to have him join mountain.seed on the bass (and whatever other instrument he decides to play). You may know him as the multi-instrumentalist from Red Moon Road, or perhaps from his days as the drummer in our franco-metal band Entre Parenthèses, or from one of the many other bands that he has been a part of. It has been really amazing to watch his journey as a musician over the years and I am beyond stoked to work with him again. His musical talents, his joie-de-vivre, and his love of sci-fi all make him a great addition to the band. Please join me in welcoming Daniel to the project!

Welcome to the project Jean-Luc! 

I'm so glad to introduce you to another great person joining the project! Jean-Luc Loiselle, AKA Hooded Poncho, is a very talented multi-instrumentalist & producer, and it is such a pleasure to have him join mountain.seed on the drums! You might know him from his solo project Hooded Poncho, or as the drummer for the amazing Akina. I knew I wanted to collaborate with Jean-Luc when I heard his music, and that was reinforced as I got to know him over the past few years. We skipped the small talk and went straight to deep talk, covering everything from ethics to aliens, swapping travel stories, and sharing some laughs. His level of talent, humility, and his affinity for sci-fi, all make for a great addition to the band! Please join me in welcoming Jean-Luc to the project!

Welcome to the project Stéphane! 

I'm so happy to introduce you to one of the great people joining me in this project. Stéphane Oystryk is a creative that I have admired for a long time and it is an honour to have him join mountain.seed on the guitar. Stéphane is a filmmaker, photographer, author, and musician among many other things. You might know him from the legendary local post-rock group ...and then nothing, or more recently as the riff master behind Hammeroid, or from the long list of creative projects that he has been a part of. On top of his talent, Steph is a passionate and thoughtful person, with a great sense of humour and an affinity for science fiction. Please join me in welcoming Stéphane to the project!

Fall update 2020 

Hi friends!

A little music project update. I started mountain.seed in January 2020, recruited some amazing musicians and we had our first jam as a band in February. Enter Lockdown. Any further practices were postponed until July. We took advantage of the low risk in the summer to get in as many jams as we reasonably could. We are currently postponing practices until Manitoba gets its pandemic act together. Needless to say, things haven't gone as planned this year, but I am practicing my patience. For now, I am writing music and lyrics, working on my voice and guitar skills, and weathering the storm.