Welcome to the project Jean-Luc!

I'm so glad to introduce you to another great person joining the project! Jean-Luc Loiselle, AKA Hooded Poncho, is a very talented multi-instrumentalist & producer, and it is such a pleasure to have him join mountain.seed on the drums! You might know him from his solo project Hooded Poncho, or as the drummer for the amazing Akina. I knew I wanted to collaborate with Jean-Luc when I heard his music, and that was reinforced as I got to know him over the past few years. We skipped the small talk and went straight to deep talk, covering everything from ethics to aliens, swapping travel stories, and sharing some laughs. His level of talent, humility, and his affinity for sci-fi, all make for a great addition to the band! Please join me in welcoming Jean-Luc to the project!

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