Welcome to the project Daniel!

Its my pleasure to announce another addition to the project. I've looked up to Daniel my whole life, even after I grew taller than him. Daniel P-H is a gifted multi-instrumentalist with tonnes of experience in various aspects of the music industry and the arts in general. My brother Dan and I grew up learning, listening to, and playing music together, but it has been some time since we've joined forces on a project so I am very excited to have him join mountain.seed on the bass (and whatever other instrument he decides to play). You may know him as the multi-instrumentalist from Red Moon Road, or perhaps from his days as the drummer in our franco-metal band Entre Parenth├Ęses, or from one of the many other bands that he has been a part of. It has been really amazing to watch his journey as a musician over the years and I am beyond stoked to work with him again. His musical talents, his joie-de-vivre, and his love of sci-fi all make him a great addition to the band. Please join me in welcoming Daniel to the project!